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International Consolidated Media Investment Corp.

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Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Honk Kong and India

IMG 0621Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Honk Kong and India



“I embraced Integrity Coaching because you came at a time things have come to my attention as far as work and personal life. Integrity Coaching made me realize that I should pay more attention to the details, listen to people and try to understand the things that they are going through at the time.”

“One of the quotes that I really enjoyed in the book is that people are generally better persuaded by reasons that which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come from the mind of others. I think that’s the main reason that I was able to embrace this, you see you came at a time that I was looking to be a better manager.”

“I now do a coaching session every time I talk to one of my sales representatives even though it’s not a formal event, I listen more, ask the probing questions and encourage them to solve the problem, issue, situation, etc. The pre and post coaching forms and the behavioral style worksheets prepare me for the most effective and efficient coaching session. It is rewarding to watch my team grow.”

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“I took from the Integrity Coaching seminar, follow-ups, audio messages and readings is to manage different personality styles and myself. I’m a Doer and one of my sales representatives is a Supporter. We worked through him setting clear goals. Now I listen more to him than I did in the past. His success has come up quite a bit and it has helped me in managing him. I have also learned with Integrity Coaching is to be a good conversationalist and a good listener. And even more than just being a good listener you need to be a good questioner and then a good listener. I know I’m a better manager and coach today after completing Integrity Coaching.”

Expert JMS

I have been working on a proposal for a Fortune 100 company for a couple of months using the principles I learned in Integrity Selling. I have incorporated the skills when on the phone with contacts, in print with an essay promoting our company, and in email correspondence. I worked with two main contacts, one a talker and one a supporter. The great news is that on Friday they called me to announce that they decided to award our company with 52 locations. This is great news for us at JMS, and I feel more confident with my new selling skills.

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Seitlin Insurance

Integrity Selling®

“Our veteran staff of high producers, myself included, were pleasantly surprised at how much we gained from participating in Integrity Selling®.”

“We have since rethought our complete approach and interview process. And we now use the Pre and Post Planning forms for every sales call.”

“What a difference Integrity Selling® has made in such a competitive market!”

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Continucare – Orlando

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“Thank you to everyone who made Integrity Service possible. It made an impact on the way I look at things within myself and also what is going on in my life, whether it is in work or outside. I have learned so much from Integrity Service. Behavioral styles and first impressions have impacted me. I now know everyone is different and not to judge by first impressions. Give everyone a chance, don’t make quick decisions about someone. I now look at people differently, I express my feelings more openly and really listen to what people are saying.”


“Integrity Service has helped me to allow each client to fully express themselves before jumping in to try to resolve their issue. I’d like to think I treat each person, whether they are a patient, potential patient or co-worker, as if they are wearing a sign that says, “Make Me Feel Special.” Integrity Service helped me realize it is the customer that pays my salary and makes my job possible.”

Continucare – Tampa

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“The Integrity Service G-VAL-Hi process is the essence of quality customer service. I now pay particular attention to thanking my patients for coming and ask them to come back. Their response has surprised me. They give big smiles and seem to feel wanted and important rather than burdensome.”

“Because I’m more “back office” I didn’t think it was my responsibility to interact with patients when I would happen to be up front collecting charts, faxing, etc. As a result of Integrity Service, I now interact much more with the patients. I realized I am a part of the patient experience. I can help demonstrate a friendly, positive attitude to our patients, making them feel valued and welcome. Now when I’m up front, I greet the patients, ask them if they are being helped, joke with them and invite them back. Our office staff is much more team-oriented now. We are all pitching in more – having fun together, while getting the job done. I love doing my GR-rrrrrr-REAT cheer!”

Continucare Physicians



Integrity Selling Graduate 3 months later…

What a difference that Integrity Selling has made for me, I am at top or very close to the top of every important sales category, sales are up over 25% profits in same percentages. In fact I have been working with customers outside my sales region because of the insistence of my customers that I be the sales rep no matter were the account is. I now use Integrity Selling in work and in my personal life, it works wonders for me. I listen to my tapes and have my cards with me at all times. It just reassures me and gives me confidence that I never had before. Many thanks for opening my eyes to a new and better way to sell. It works every time for me.
B. A.

Leap Frog

Virtual Works

Virtual Works mission is to have enterprise information instantly and securely accessible — regardless of what it is, where it lives or who needs 

it.  Imagine where every user can find what they need, regardless of where it resides for the organization to unleash the power and value of their information, turning it into a true asset instead of a management liability.

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PMSI – A PharMerica Comany

My colleagues and I agreed that although this takes up some of our valuable time, the lessons learned are more than worth the lost time. In fact, we now do not think about it as lost time, instead time invested for our profitable futures!

I have learned to be more efficient with my time and more important to my customers time. I have learned to be more aware of the different personality types which has allowed me to communicate better with each. It makes the job so much easier.

I am actually listening instead of concentrating on selling. Thanks again for being a great instructor and I look forward to the teleconference seminar call tomorrow morning!

A Cox Newspaper Publication

As a group of 27 Integrity Selling class members:

We closed on over $160,000 of new business from the course AID INC system in the first 7 weeks and closed another $91,000 on the week of the banquet!

We opened countless doors of clients who had not done business with us for a while – just identifying personality types and re-approaching.

I have also seen – in the two weeks since the banquet- an increased amount of requests and “working together” of folks who met other divisions and saw the VALUE and STRENGTH of the company in a different light. As you will recall, we had 6 divisions represented. It’s been an added benefit that I wasn’t sure they were going to pick up on.

I have also seen our managers, from the banquet experience, view the other divisions with renewed interest and understanding of the quality of personnel we have on board.

Irwin Home Equity

It’s only week 4 of coaching and I’m experiencing a lot of growth in my people. In fact, when we first started the coaching sessions, there was some resistance from some people. Each time we have another coaching session they are more receptive and came up with more ideas. The rapport is better and I see how much more relaxed everyone is and how they look forward to their coaching sessions. At this half-way point, I know they are happy and thankful the company is putting in the effort to help them progress.

After one week there is a complete 360 turn around with one of the account executives. After our coaching I sent an email saying I would not micro manage. That planning and reporting out was critical and I’d be here for support. This account executive called me and said: “My goal is to make 20 calls per day. I’d like to talk at 4:00 each day and provide you with an update.” He has been calling at 4:00 with his progress. He’s advancing the sale and others he is at an impasse, but determined to regroup and try again. His confidence is up and it’s amazing what one coaching conversation did.”

This success happened within 48 hours after the initial seminar launch! Wednesday after participating in the both Integrity Selling and Integrity Coaching, DP was in the field with a struggling Account Executive. After going into a few prospects and coming out empty-handed; DP shared two principles from Integrity Selling with the Account Executive in regards to the Approach and Interview steps. As they continued to on with their prospects they landed two loan applications! What immediate results! What I like most is that DP was able to share the powerful concepts and using her coaching guide resulted in immediate success!

Bay Gulf Credit Union

As a result of the program our team has improved listening, communications, teamwork, personal growth and increased sales. Employees who did not previously cross-sell products and services have increased their income quite significantly. Integrity Selling is not just about selling. It’s about giving people personal benefits and the communication skills for a better work and personal life.

Remedy Intelligent Staffing

“Listening has to be done before any selling – That’s what I learned! I am proud to say that within three months, I gained 10 new accounts… a great deal in our industry!”

All Medical Personnel

Integrity Selling®

“I say this every time I speak with you and I’ll say it again – You changed my life. How? I learned to listen.”

“Each Monday I call at least 15 cold calls of doctor’s advertising in Sunday’s classifieds for help. Prior to the course, I maybe connected with two offices. Now, with my Integrity Selling® principles, I either get an order or an appointment. No more, ‘We’re not interested – good-bye!'”

Highlands Resorts

We now have a 90% close ratio because of the Integrity Selling® course.

The Daily Journal

Break Thru U

“We’ve completed our first year Break Thru University that you designed for us. We are up just under 4% over last year. As you know, this is remarkable performance in light of the slow economy we are experiencing. I can confidently say that the yearly curriculum that Break Thru U provided is paying off.”

American Press Institute

Managing, Coaching, Leadership

“Each year you provide a fantastic opening presentation. It was a great combination of conference room discussion and small group breakout work.”

Some of the participants wrote:

  • Great information to take back and use immediately.
  • Presentation was lively with group participation keeping us on out toes.
  • Very stimulating!
  • I now see my management role as a coach and a leader with a vision.