Team Building Training

They Say We’re a Team…. Now What?

team1Finding out that just because you tell everyone to think and act like a team, asked them to hold hands and sing Kum Ba Ya, doesn’t make them a team?

Break Thru Teams gets your staff thinking working and contributing as a team.

Working In Teams…Teams That Work

Now you’re thinking as a team, more involved with others and the team goal on a daily basis, and responsible for the team’s results. Working in Teams. . . Teams That Work explores the stages of team development: diversity, team mission and team guidelines essential to team’s success. We answer the questions: Why am I here? What is expected of me? How do I work in this team and still get my “regular” job done? Will this team be forever? Break through the skepticism and difficulties of being on teams. Tap into tips and techniques with an experiential trip through the Cascade Mountain Range to see if the team will survive. Whether you have been in teams for a while, or just beginning, Working In Teams. . . Teams that Work takes advantage of the dynamics for a winning team.

team2You’re Not My Type…
But We Can Still Work Together

Ideally teams are made up of people whose strengths and preferences are perfectly matched. In the real world each person is different. People think, react, make decisions, and work differently. Now all of these people are focusing on teamwork whether they are being managed by one person, self directed or all report to different managers. Explore team differences to enhance individual and team success, learn each members style and create action plans for improved work performance. Not only will you better understand yourself, you will know more about your teammates and how to make it grow.

Keep Your Cool, Stand Your Ground, Reach Positive Solutions

Don’t let them sit. When conflicts arise instincts are to become defensive, and to bury our thoughts and opinions. Unresolved conflicts simmer on, until they explode again and again. Before long a team is in defensive mode and spending most of their time putting out the fires instead of moving forward working towards common goals. Cooperation is replaced by combat. Anger replaces the fragile foundation of team trust. Eliminate Derailed Communication to work efficiently and effectively and move the team forward through the team journey.

It Starts And Stops With Me: Personal Accountability

team3Wouldn’t it be nice with no more blame, no more pointing fingers, and no more hearing “It’s not my job.” What do these actions cost the company in lost productivity, moral, customers and performance? Developing a culture and individuals who practice personal accountability eliminates many of these consequences. Learn the tools and techniques to build a culture that is solution and action oriented. Understand the dynamics of looking at situations as “What can I be doing to make things happen?” as opposed to “What am I allowing to stop me and others from moving forward?” Notice everyone becoming more productive, less things falling through the cracks, and everyone working together.

Trust Me…It’s All About Us

What do ropes, blindfolds, paper bags, hats and toothpaste tubes have in common? Together they equal TRUST. And trust is the cornerstone of any successful team. The objective of the workshop is to prepare any business team to become more productive and efficient in working together to service both the internal and external customer needs by developing a stronger element of trust within the team. Wander through a series of exercises that build mutually respectful, beneficial relationships among team members. Team members progress from defensiveness to trust and learn that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Ropes, blindfolds, paper bags, hats and toothpaste tubes will all have a new meaning!

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