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Hire and Retain Salespeople Who Will Consistently Develop New Business

spq gold2Prospecting is the key to sales growth and success for many organizations.

Have you hired someone who raved about their prospecting talent and boasted about the new business developed? Yet, for you they brought in very little and in time they had to go.

Do your managers complain that the sales people aren’t making the contacts needed to gain new business?

Do your sales people have enough in the pipeline to sustain growth?

Each of these situations cost organizations in high turnover and low sales productivity. If Sales Call Reluctance™ is alive and well in a potential new hire or your present sales force, you can stop wasting money on new product rollouts, expensive brochures and high-dollar sales training. After all, what good are they if your sales people don’t have enough prospects to sell to?

Hire and Hope…or Hire and Know

spq gold1SPQ Gold is the only assessment in the world specifically engineered to detect and measure:

  • Will they prospect?
  • How much they are likely to produce?
  • How soon will they produce?
  • Are they coachable?
  • What, if any, is their call reluctance type?

SPQ Gold® doesn’t tell you if they can sell, it tells you if they will sell. Isn’t that what you really need to know? So before you hire a sales representative, know whether they will make those sales calls or not. Not five years out – but next week, and next month. This allows you to make bottom-line business decisions about the value of the applicant to you. Hire right the first time.

Reduce Performance Gaps of Today’s Sales Team

What about the present sales team?
Are they prospecting less, have lower sales activity than desired, on plateau’s, or new account sales are below the necessary level to meet and exceed goals?

SPQ Gold® assesses the current sales organization to uncover whether, and to what extent, Call Reluctance issues may be affecting current sales activity. The good news is that most Call Reluctance issues are learned behavior. They can be replaced with new behaviors and habits that lead to higher number of contacts and sales.

Sample SPQ Gold® Assessment Results

spq gold

When sales people know where their barriers are and what’s keeping them from being the most talented, motivated professional and earning what they are worth, they can set an action plan to change the unproductive behavior patterns to achieve measurable, bottom-line results. Managers also have an advanced coaching tool to build top-performers and help turn sales around.

Improve Time-to-Performance

If you desire the most effective employee selection strategy or need to jumpstart your sales team to make more sales calls, begin using SPQ GOLD® TODAY.

Stop struggling to:
Hire right the first time.
Improve retention.
Reduce turn over.
Increase sales with the right people.

Get started now – make bottom-line business decisions about the value of the applicant to you. Hire right the first time.

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