sales training

Integrity Selling®

Our most sought after training program for a solid sales foundation for years of top-line sales success. Integrity Selling® is a customer-needs focused strategy successfully transforming sales teams from product focused sales to consultative sales – regardless of experience level! The process of mastering INTEGRITY SELLING® increases sales, improves productivity, reduces call reluctance, enhances customer relations, plus catapults personal achievement drive. INTEGRITY SELLING® is a complete 24 module training solution that gets results immediately. Experience sales increases from 5 – 35%! Click Here to Read More »

SPQ GOLD – Selection Process Questionnaire

What is high turnover and low sales productivity costing your organization? For a company of 100 employees who has a 30% annual rate of turnover, the annual cost of turnover is approximately $2.5 million! SPQ GOLD® supplements the sales candidate screening process to increase the chances of hiring individuals who are more likely to contact prospective buyers and therefore be good sales producers. Using SPQ Gold saves time and money. It takes the guessing out of hiring, plus increase time to performance. Hire right first to meet and exceed today’s challenging corporate goals. Click Here to Read More » »

Managing Goal Achievement®

In today’s ever changing business world it is important to have goal clarity in both the business and personal life. Along with goal clarity is the plan in place to achieve the goals. Often people do not meet or exceed their goals because of self limiting beliefs. Managing Goal Achievement® combines successful goal setting with the important dimensions of Goal Clarity, View of Possibilities, Values, Achievement Drive and Supportive Environment. When these areas are brought into alignment old blockages fall away and new goals are reached. As a result, achievement drive and stronger skills are released. This 10 module program helps people sell more, motivate themselves and get more done which influences bottom line results. Click Here to Read More »»

Win-Win Negotiations

Learn how to “create value” for mutual gain, build profitable long-term relationships, separate people from the problem, and use objective standards to resolve differences about who should get what. Everyone focuses on win-win negotiating, achieving results for both the company and the customer. Increased productivity, professionalism, confidence, improved cost of sales, reduced loss of revenue and enhanced customer relations are just a few of the benefits you will gain from this program. Click Here to Read More »»