Integrity Service®

Out-Think, Out-Perform and Out Service The Competition

integrity serviceCustomers have more choices today of where to go for the same products and services. In order for organizations to succeed in the future they must exceed the expectations of their customers – not just meet them. Loyal customers are the most important number you need to grow as they become your promoters. The more “promoters” your company has, the bigger its growth. How is everyone in your organization communicating with your customers to out-think, out-service and out-perform the competition?

Integrity Service® is a highly interactive process with time-honored principles to capitalize on each customer contact. Your staff will establish a customer satisfaction philosophy that enables them to give the excellent customer service that your customers expect and deserve from your organization. Customers will buy more, tell others about you, and return to do business with you.

Greet Value Ask Listen Help Invite

THE G-VAL-HI Customer Communication Model

Think about your last five customer service experiences. Did the person follow these six G-VAL-HI steps? Most likely they incorporated 2 or 3, unlikely they did all 6. When customer contact includes all of these steps, people receive a better experience. Integrity Service®‘s G-VAL-HI is a proven consultative process that listens to customers needs, helps fill those needs, creates value, takes responsibility and does the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do.

Making More Happen

Responsibility is a matter of mental and emotional congruence. The G-VAL-HI is ‘knowing’ what to do. The steps, the process. There are five elements that must converge within a person before they will make things happen. When gaps exist within these five elements conflicts occur and low productivity will result. Integrity Service brings SKILLS and RESPONSIBILITY together for maximum development, productivity and performance. No other training today combines these two powerful drivers.

Behavioral Change Guarantees Maximum Results

Performance, professionalism and self confidence increase when people incorporate their newly acquired skills in their everyday activities. Impacting these areas does not occur overnight. Continual reinforcement and practice is needed to create the new right habits. That’s the reason Integrity Service® is not a one day seminar where you cross your fingers and hope that it works. One day seminars are unable to effect the change of behavior for new, improved or different results.

integrity service congruence

A Complete 14 Module Training Curriculum With Train-the-Trainer.

Integrity Service® launches with a three-quarter day session, followed by the first series of 7 weekly 90 minute on-site or teleconference sessions. These ongoing, hands on, highly interactive follow- up meetings help participants create new servicing behaviors within themselves. There are weekly audio messages, readings from Integrity Service® by Ron Willingham and real time application with internal and external customers. These weekly sessions change behavior, encourage team-building, and allow for brainstorming amongst their peers.

integrity service2Three to six months later Sales Training Consultants, or your designated facilitators, conduct 6 Performance Accelerator one hour sessions. These Performance Accelerators are designed to present monthly. For the first time you will hear your staff use all the information from a training seminar for years to come.

Integrity Service® is easy and comfortable.
It also gets results!



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