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Seller’s Who Want to Consistenly Meet Sales Quotas and See 15% Sales Increases in 60 days – Read On

Today’s Buyers Want Morethree buisness people
more than the consultative approach sales professionals have read in hundreds of sales books and courses over the past 20 years. Buyer’s accessibility to information allows them to research, make comparisons and develop their own ideas for solutions to their problems, opportunities, wants and needs. Today’s buyers are no longer waiting for sales professionals to provide solutions. They ‘Google it’ first and talk to those who might be able to help them later. And they don’t want another vendor.  Vendors are a dime a dozen. They do want to buy from a strategic business partner.

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Buyers Also Have Fewer Resources
They are crazy busy with time, patience and money and are less tolerant of sales professionals who do not provide value to them with their product, service and relationship.  Guy showing timeThere’s a need for a strong strategy to approach today’s sales and conversations differently than in the past. In order to close more deals, it’s imperative to make every sales conversation matter with a genuine, efficient and effective focus on THEM, the buyer.

Only sellers who collaborate as trusted business advisors and collaborative consultants will be the ones making the sale today. 

How Does Genuine Sales Do This? We do this with fun – relevant – impactful sales processes!  The virtual workshop is highly interactive using white-boards,cheering business people thumb games, chats, surveys and breakout discussions in pairs, triads or small groups of four.  We promise, we will NOT be lecturing… that would be boring!  It’s called a workshop for a reason – everyone attending works.

Sales professionals collaborate and

  • Prepare for each client or prospect meeting – so there’s no more last minute winging it.
  • Plan in advance how to launch the conversation, ask better questions than your competitors, present the solutions with value to sell value over price and even be proactive on thinking through what objections, stalls or barriers may be encountered.
  • And most importantly – how to consolidate each conversation for everyone to know expectations, next steps or even whether this isn’t a good fit for your company.

A few more highlights of Genuine Sales:

  • Make the invisible visible by setting business and personal goals
  • Focus on top performer Success Drivers and identify 4 Tribes and how each Tribe likes to buy

Everything for success is included – the leather bound course workbook,  audio messages, a sales developmental benchmark survey, access to interactive pdf sales tools, a mobile app, plus on-going coaching.

You’ll really think you are in a live meeting room participating in table discussions, flip chart competitions, white board drawing, polls, private chats and triad breakouts with the virtual-live format!  You will not be bored and it will be hard to multi-task!  This is not the typical webinar you have experienced in the past.  This virtual-live interactive format is where all training will be in 5 years!

3 1/2 Three Hour Sessions – Genuine Sales™ Workshop
7 Reinforcers 90-minutes each

Pre-Work: Getting to Know You on Survey Monkey

Workshop Session 1:Writing Workshop

  • Why Collaborate?
  • Introduction to WIIFT
  • Tribal Types
  • Wait

Pre-Work: Tribal Types Tool

Workshop Session 2:

  • Initiate
  • Investigate

Pre-work: Quick Prep Tool

Workshop Session 3:

  • Facilitate Solutions
  • Facilitate Objections
  • Then Consolidate

Reinforcer 1: Quick Prep Tool, Sales Survey, Goal Planner

Reinforcer 2: Wait and Initiate

Reinforcer 3: Investigate, Goal Update

Reinforcer 4: Facilitate – Whats to WiifTs, Quick Prep Tool

Reinforcer 5: Facilitate – Working Through Objections

Reinforcer 6: Then Consolidate, Goal Update

Reinforcer 7: Post Sales Survey and Celebrate

Recent Genuine Sales Graduates Say

“I closed a $4.6 million dollar deal with 2 visits by following the Genuine Sales principles.  Before GS this kind of deal would have taken 6-8 client visits.”

“It used to be my show, now it’s all about them. There’s a big difference in the relationship.  I am selling as a strategic advisor and not a vendor.”

Making Sales

“I expect to double my business now that I have the tools to collaborate and sell the way my prospects want to buy!”

“In the last 4 weeks I have closed 3 deals valued at $500,000 that before Genuine Sales would still be going back and forth.  I know how to focus, make every conversation matter, consolidate, and advance the sale without wasting their time.  The reaction from prospects is different than before and they are eager to buy!”


In just 10 weeks, our Genuine Sales graduates have more quality sales in the pipeline, more signed contracts and more time to sell!