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Why Sales Training Consultants?

Sales Training Consultants has been providing training solutions to companies since 1983. Our training sessions are known to more than pay for themselves in the first two months with sales and productivity increases from 5% – 200%.

We are not event trainers where you have a one or two day seminar and cross your fingers hoping that it works. Our training includes an initial seminar and from 4 – 24 follow-up modules most often facilitated by an on-site manager or trainer. This on-going, paced repetition guarantees creating the new right habits and upgrades present skill levels that last a lifetime.

Our satisfied customers will tell you that we work closely customizing their training curriculum that leads to immediate results. They’ll also tell you we only partner with organizations who make the commitment to their people and improved performance. We don’t want to be the company that you use to make a check mark on your list of things to do.

We believe companies and profits are built through people. Our programs reflect personal growth and development at the “I AM” level where achievement drive lives.

How do I select what’s best for my team?

We suggest working together following these steps:

  • Determine long and short-term goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate where the gaps are from where your team is to where you want them to be.
  • Confirm the gaps are on target with the strategic plan
  • Select the best process and solution to achieve the goals

How long are your seminars?

The individual seminar lengths vary from half day to a day and a half with weekly follow-up sessions for one hour per week. We work with you and your staff to schedule with the least impact on business. Our goal is to provide hands on, how-to information that participants can apply the moment they leave the classroom setting.

The length of the ongoing training curriculum varies from one quarter to as much as several years. Most desire training to be a part of the culture rather than a once a year event. Achieving training as a part of the on-going culture includes a yearly course curriculum customized to increase achievement drive, goal clarity and productivity.

For training to work effectively, it should be formatted to be relevant, have pre-work and post-work assignments and behavioral change mechanisms in place. Our goal is to change behaviors not just have an event.

Why a yearly training curriculum rather than just one seminar?

Just like marketing works best with a complete on-going campaign, training works the same way. Why just buy one training program per year? Companies that offer on-going training have less turnover, and build profits through people. This is important in today’s market and fluctuating economy.

Successful executives understand the need to meet and exceed their budgets on an ongoing basis. A seminar that impacts business in the short term is good. However, when the right behaviors are reinforced throughout the year, companies are able to grow market share greater than the competition.

Could I do just one seminar a year and still have success?

Yes. Many training budgets allow for only one seminar per year. We have found some companies are only able to do just that. Even one of our seminars will have a positive impact especially since each seminar has qualitative measuring tools. Our seminars include pre-work and post-work assignments along with weekly outlines for 4 – 52 weeks to keep your training top of mind.

Am I able to measure the results?

We believe in quantifying all that is possible. Included with each seminar are several unique measuring tools assisting in measuring success daily, weekly, and monthly. Prior to the seminar we work closely selecting up to 3 measurable criteria. Additionally, most of our seminars include Pre and Post Assessments for benchmarking and post seminar analysis, I Broke Thru cards to capture successes as they happen, and closing celebration presentations to hear first hand the benefits each person gained. Participants track their successes long after our seminars are over.

What qualifications do your seminar leaders have?

Each Sales Training Consultant faculty member is an expert in their field. Everyone has sales and sales management experience. For example, Diane Rossi who is instrumental in presenting Integrity Selling®, Integrity Coaching®, and our Team Series has more than 20 years experience in all aspects of sales, marketing, contract negotiations, and employee development. Denise Zagnoli, our customer service expert, has over 33 years with AT&T sales and customer service call centers. Anne Stein, our sales, sales management facilitator and coach brings 25 years of sales, management and training experience with L’Oreal and other national companies. Alice Kemper sold and managed for American Greeting Cards before becoming Vice President of Sales & Marketing with Harte-Hanks prior to starting Sales Training Consultants. We match each faculty member and their unique talents to the skill sets and objectives each organization seeks to achieve. Ed Baron and Beth Williams complete the team. No jack of all trades here, just practiced specialists.

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